Thursday, September 07, 2000

It's official. We're having a cold front! Of course--cold is relative. When it's been 111, the low 90's seems *cold.* I actually felt uncomfortable in shorts this morning. Autumn, such as it is, can't come too soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2000

I had jury duty yesterday--criminal courts, no less. The whole idea of taking a day off work, going to an unfamiliar building, waiting (and waiting and waiting), listening to a judge and two lawyers for three hours, eating crappy, expensive food, and then being sent home was exhausting.

While we were waiting for the lawyers to make their jury selections, I saw a man being escorted from the court house for panhandling. He was telling anyone who would listen that he had just gotten out of jail. One woman was in the process of giving him a bus token when he was discovered and forced to leave. I'm not that nice--I wouldn't have given him anything.

I admit to feeling relieved that I did not get selected to the jury. The case involved a first degree sexual assault. YIKES! Scary stuff.