Thursday, October 03, 2013


Departure gate at DFW airport (yes, I take pictures of everything, because I'm a nerd like that)

My friends' outdoor space
Pike Place public market



The original Starbucks
The stall at Pike Place where they toss the fish

Barney, the Leopard Seal at the Seattle Aquarium

Starfish (you can pet them!)

Moon Jellies at the Seattle Aquarium

 Chocolate-dipped Belgian waffle

Outside Ivar's Seafood--we fed the seagulls

They are definitely not afraid of humans!
Otter being fed by staff at the Seattle Aquarium

Dinner at Din Tai Fung, Chinese dumpling restaurant

Snoqualmie Falls

Mount Rainier--as clear as it got!
We went on a short hike

View from the trail

Paradise Falls

Yep, Mount Rainier National Park has already had snow

What's left of Mount Saint Helens, the top of which is obscured by clouds

The flora and fauna around Mount Saint Helens has only barely returned in 33 years

Display at the Chihuly Museum

Seaforms at the Chihuly Museum

Glass floats at the Chihuly

Zelda, the German Shepherd dog