Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gotcha day!

For those of you that work in animal rescue, you are probably familiar with "Gotcha Days"--the day that someone adopts a animal.  Most of the time, those of us who adopt never know his or her true date of birth, so we celebrate the day we got them instead.

Today is Sitka's "Gotcha Day."  I got her six years ago--so I think that makes her about eight!  To celebrate, I got both she and Juneau treats.  Sitka got a toy too, but as long as there is food, she won't pay that toy one bit of attention!  I got them both "Busy Bones" and they do indeed keep the dogs busy for about an hour.  It's so quiet in the house I can hardly believe it!

Happy Gotcha Day, my dear, dear Sitka!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The demise of the basketball hoop

James Naismith would be so disappointed.  The once-ubiquitous home basketball hoop has all but disappeared from driveways everywhere. 

I noticed this as I was driving across town the other day.  One lone house had a portable hoop set up in the driveway.  It looked weather-beaten and unused.  I started looking for the old-fashioned kind--the ones hung over the garage doors.  Across town and back...nothing.  Not one other hoop of any kind did I see. 

I guess kids these days are too busy playing Wii basketball to play real ball.

It's a shame...