Saturday, July 20, 2013

Big doings at the Parker house

Old bathroom light fixture
New and improved bathroom light fixture

The cheesy 1960s scrollwork from the lights
Completely new bathroom fixture, installed after I decided that "mid-century modern" just wasn't my thing, even though the light fixtures did look better without that tacky scrollwork
New light fixture in the guest bedroom.  It's a vintage-looking mini-chandelier. All the furniture in this room is antique, so I thought something vintage-looking would be pretty.  Real vintage is too expensive!
New drapes for the living room--to replace the "lovely" pink sheers in the background

More decorating "stuff"--new fabric for the living room chairs, a new pillow for the rocker in the office, and some other goodies

A vintage, purely decorative medicine cabinet for the bathroom

This poor broken thing is being replaced on Wednesday!
Yes, there are big doings at the Parker house!  I'm doing some renovations and replacing fixtures.  Look for a post on the completed projects--and a house tour--in August!