Saturday, September 08, 2012


I truly don't know whether I'm making progress on this house or not--or even whether I'm making progress with ANYTHING in my new life.

I think I'm just shuffling stuff around!  Today, I've just started pitching stuff in the trash. 
I'm not giving up...not yet!

You might be a hoarder if....

This is your "bin o' pens."  What?  You don't have a bin 'o pins?  Okay, then!  You're safe.  However, I am not!

Monday, September 03, 2012

My serious little man

Poquito is quite content to spend any time that I am sitting on my lap or squished into the chair beside me.

He always has such a serious expression.


Have you ever seen the Internet-famous cat, Maru?  He is fascinated with boxes!  Go to YouTube (Maru on YouTube) and watch him indulge in his passion.

Maru would be extremely happy in this house!  Boxes everywhere!  I'm trying to whittle down the piles, but it's going slowly. 

This was the long weekend's work--12 boxes emptied.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but that's 12 less boxes than I had on Friday!  And everything emptied from the boxes has a permanent home--although I may have to do a little rearranging to suit myself later.
I also put up shelves in one of the bedrooms for teddy bears and paperback books.  I have moved vinyl records, thrown away magazines, put books on shelves, put away paper, and thrown away what seems like tons of junk.  I finally just moved the city trash bin right outside the door and started tossing stuff.  Just a personal note--use those "just for looks" candles!  If you save them, they will end up melted together in a box and be totally worthless. 
See that empty space there?  Got rid of three boxes that had made themselves at home here! 
I vow to put up the kitchen spices, get rid of five more boxes in the den, and build the teddy bear shelves this week!  Check in and hold me to my promise!