Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do you cry at movies?

I was watching NCIS the other night; it happens to be one of my favorite shows, but I rarely get to see it because I work late on Tuesday night.  Since I am eating at home more these days (!), I was home in time to see the second half of that night's show.  During the show, two of the peripheral (but regular) characters were killed.  Surprisingly, I didn't cry--maybe because I just haven't watched the show enough lately to be invested. 
Usually, I cry at every sad movie, commercial, and book!  Back in the 1970's, I couldn't even get through Little House on the Prairie without boohoo-ing.  And, heaven forbid I should watch a sad story involving an animal!  Guaranteed waterworks! 
I came by it honestly, as they say.  My mom did the same thing.  We'd sit on either side of the room, watching and sniffling.  At first, we tried to hide it from each other, but then when we each realized that we were crying over a sad show, we gave up and just handed each other the box of tissues.  What a mess we were! 
I know that most people don't cry at sad movies or when they read sad books; what I wonder is, "How can they keep from it?  Perhaps people have a better rein on their emotions than I do.  Even as a little girl, I was very soft and my feelings rode right on the surface.  I haven't gotten any harder as I've gotten older.  It is still very easy for me to cry, even over silly things (like television shows) and to get my feelings hurt.  At this age, I don't suppose I'm going to change.
So, what about you?  Do you cry at sad movies?