Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vintage finds

Typewriter ribbon (no, not even the typewriter film that I used in college, but real nylon ribbon).

1998 Mapsco

1989 Oklahoma map

1989-1990 Missouri map

1976 travel atlas

Users manual for the first cell phone we owned.
You see the years on the maps?  There are no newer ones because 1989 was the year my father passed away.  Mom and I rarely traveled after that, so our need for maps dwindled. 
Love the cell phone user's manual.  Wow, cutting edge technology in 1997!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Clean up in the spice aisle....

Another tick mark can now be checked off my giant To Do List.  The spice cabinet has now been cleaned, sorted, and arranged.  A small thing, but a victory nonetheless. 
The other day I showed some of the things I found when cleaning out this cabinet.  Here's what else I found:

I really think this bottle of McCormick "Ground Fancy Cloves" belonged to my grandmother, but maybe not.  All I know was when it was purchased, ground cloves cost .59 and were good for potato soup and cranberry sauce!

Here's another vintage item.  Hidden Valley Ranch Blue Cheese salad dressing mix--.43.  Please note that it is artificially flavored.  

This is Ann Page brand unflavored gelatin.  Ann Page?  Some quick research revealed that this was exclusively an A&P brand.  I can't even remember when the last time the Dallas area had an A&P store.  I think mom shopped at A&P when daddy was in medical school (yes, the 1950s!), so that gives me a clue of how old this stuff is. 
Here's the end result:

What should I tackle next?  The pantry, or getting all the culled books out of the study?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You might be a hoarder if... (part 2)

Any of these things can be found in your kitchen cabinets:

A collection of six sets of salt and pepper shakers, plus five--count 'em--five stray pepper shakers, one stray salt shaker, and four assorted salt and pepper grinders.

The world's oldest baking chocolate.  I know that my mom has had that paper-wrapped stuff since I was little because I remember tasting it and thinking it sure didn't taste like a Hershey bar!

The world's oldest marshmallow--found loose on the top shelf of the spice/baking cabinet.  No telling how long it had been up there.  It actually looked worse in real life; it was dried out and dark!  Yuck!

The world's oldest onion soup mix.  Another yuck!  Mom had this stuck in a tupperware container on the top shelf of that cabinet.  Another item of indeterminate age--I'm betting on at least 20!
I'm pretty sure that some of the spices that I have yet to go through belonged to my grandmother, who died 46 years ago. 
Yep, good times!