Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You might be a hoarder if... (part 2)

Any of these things can be found in your kitchen cabinets:

A collection of six sets of salt and pepper shakers, plus five--count 'em--five stray pepper shakers, one stray salt shaker, and four assorted salt and pepper grinders.

The world's oldest baking chocolate.  I know that my mom has had that paper-wrapped stuff since I was little because I remember tasting it and thinking it sure didn't taste like a Hershey bar!

The world's oldest marshmallow--found loose on the top shelf of the spice/baking cabinet.  No telling how long it had been up there.  It actually looked worse in real life; it was dried out and dark!  Yuck!

The world's oldest onion soup mix.  Another yuck!  Mom had this stuck in a tupperware container on the top shelf of that cabinet.  Another item of indeterminate age--I'm betting on at least 20!
I'm pretty sure that some of the spices that I have yet to go through belonged to my grandmother, who died 46 years ago. 
Yep, good times!

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