Monday, July 07, 2014

All the little things add up

I was scrolling through one of my favorite Internet sites the other day, looking at pictures of a celebrity who was making a personal appearance.  The celebrity had people all around him:  average joes wanting autographs, an assistant holding his coffee, and security guards holding back the masses.
As I studied the picture, I wished that I were a celebrity.  If I were famous, I'd have money to do whatever I wanted, people waiting on me hand and foot, and crowds of people jostling just for a glimpse of me.  I've always thought it would be cool to be a celebrity!  Oh, I know that there are drawbacks, but since I'm never going to be famous, those don't really matter. 
As I was studying the picture, I got a little sad because the likelihood of my becoming famous at this stage is practically nil.  But then I remembered that I have been asked for my autograph once (and it was cool!)  And that got me thinking, and I realized something.  I am lucky because I am the star of one show--my life!
Have you ever thought about how many accomplishments and achievements you have?  You may not be a big celebrity, but I'll bet that you've done a lot of things that most people will never have the chance to do.  And when I thought about that, it made me happy--and I decided to keep an ongoing list of things I've been lucky enough to do, to achieve, or to accomplish.  Without even trying I listed over 50 things.   
  1. Been asked for my autograph
  2. Had surgery
  3. Had a cast
  4. Had stitches
  5. Been married
  6. Bought a house
  7. Sold a house
  8. Had a fancy wedding
  9. Had a European honeymoon
  10. Spoken to a large group of people
  11. Taught formal classes
  12. Spoken to a large group of people without notes
  13. Rescued dogs
  14. Rescued a cat
  15. Been too thin
  16. Been skinny
  17. Been fat
  18. Learned more than one foreign language
  19. Won an art contest
  20. Appeared in a newspaper article
  21. Graduated from college
  22. Graduated from graduate school
  23. Got a teaching certificate
  24. Flown in an airplane
  25. Flown in a helicopter
  26. Ridden a roller coaster
  27. Read over 100 books in a year
  28. Lived with a roommate
  29. Lived with a husband
  30. Lived by myself
  31. Donated time/money to charities
  32. Directed a fashion show
  33. Been a dresser at a fashion show
  34. Been on a cruise
  35. Been on a motor boat
  36. Been on a large boat (not ship)
  37. Been in all 50 states
  38. Seen glaciers
  39. Seen geysers
  40. Seen volcanoes
  41. Ridden a train
  42. Lived in a house
  43. Lived in a condominium
  44. Lived in an apartment
  45. Seen a double rainbow
  46. Know how to swim
  47. Know how to roller skate
  48. Know how to ice skate
  49. Know how to ride a bicycle
  50. Taken modeling lessons
  51. Won a prize for art
  52. Been a member of a sorority
  53. Stayed in a hotel suite
  54. Been to a luau
  55. Been to Europe
  56. Been to Canada
  57. Been to Mexico
  58. Survived cancer
  59. Been to a circus
  60. Dived from the high board
  61. Had someone tell me that they use something I taught them everyday
  62. Had a best friend
  63. Know how to cook
I know none of these are big things, but to me they are important things--the things that make up my life. 

What have you done that makes you the star of your own show?