Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adventure time!

Today's adventure features the inimitable Sitka and Juneau, as well as my hapless friend, Joann Clifton. 
The day started out normally.  My fellow Relay for Life (check out our team page here) team members came over to make items to raise funds that will go to the American Cancer Society.  I was showing some of the ladies one of my mom's quilts when the doorbell rang.  Joann went to let the new arrival in.
Unfortunately, she didn't realize what consumate escape artists huskies are.  I learned a long time ago to always have two doors in between Sitka, Juneau, and freedom.  As she went to open the front door, Sitka simply opened the inner doors somehow and barrelled past Joann right out the front door.
I flew to my car and started driving around looking for them.  Of course, in the two minutes it took for me to back my car out of the driveway, the dogs had vanished.  I did a quick search of the surrounding streets...not one sign of either of them.
Over the next hour, we recruited my two neighbors, the mailman, two of my team members, and a random lady from a neighborhood I was driving through, to look for my two goobers! 
Sitka, strangely enough, was the first to be apprehended.  Usually, between Juneau and Sitka, she's the hardest to catch.  Juneau usually tires out first and then just comes once I open my car door.  For once, when I saw her and got out of the car, she came right to me.  Juneau, however, was nowhere to be found.  I looked and looked and looked, and I didn't see him anywhere.
Thank goodness for the random lady!  She found my wayward child on the other side of Shiloh Road, where some nice construction workers were giving him some water since he was tired from his "travels."  How he and Sitka kept from getting hit while crossing both Miller Road and Shiloh Road, I'll never know.  God was truly watching out for them. 

My sweet, innocent babies are now exhausted from their adventure.  They crawled on the sofa, and haven't moved since!  I, on the other hand, feel like I've aged about a hundred years.  Having children is stressful!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to the three best valentines ever: