Friday, April 26, 2013

Mini vacation

I am spending some of my days off this go round taking a mini-vacation.  Instead of going one place and spending several days, I've been making day trips to nearby towns.  Today, I hit up Waxahachie, which--if you've read this blog for very long--you know is one of my favorite destinations.
The spire of the Waxahachie court house

The CW Gibson building, one block off the square in Waxahachie.  From what I can find, it seems as though it was some sort of a mercantile.

It was "real fine."

See?  It was enough food for three meals, and quite yummy!

Isn't this the cutest little chair?  It's a child's chair with the name "Herbert Martin II" and "February 11, 1950 Texas" needlepointed on the cushion. 

Isn't this a cute little dresser?  It was so cute, it came home with me. 

I've been looking for something just like this to replace the heavy, dark nightstands that mom had. 
Tomorrow's junket is to Corsicana and then maybe Hillsboro if I have time.  I've been looking for vintage desk items for my den.  I let a remarkable old adding machine get away last month, and now I feel like there's a "void" to be filled.  I told you I was a hoarder, didn't I?  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Flickr Explore

I was lucky enough to have another photo chosen for the Flickr Explore page: 
For the original, click here.  For the Explore page, click here.  There are tons of gorgeous photos!

I'm so proud!  Of course, I'm lucky to have a very photogenic model!

20 questions...more or less

While some of you may know me personally, there are also many readers who don't know me at all.  I'm assuming this from the statistics.  This little blog had 688 page views last month; even if some of those are repeat visitors, those figures would still equal more people than I know altogether! 
I'm pretty much an open book kind of person, so in the interest of full disclosure (and because I think they're fun to read when I read other people's answers), here are 20 questions answered:
1.  How old am you?--I was born in September 1963, so you do the math.  And, yes, I was born on September 11th.  This birthday is going to be one of the big ones!
2.  Where do you live?--I live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called Garland.  My family moved here in 1965.  I lived in Waco and Denton while I went to college, and then Lewisville when I was married.  After my divorce, I moved back to Dallas, and then in 2004, I moved back to Garland and have been here ever since.
3.  Where did you go to college and what did you major in?--I went to Baylor University and majored in Library Science and English.  My Master's degree is from the University of North Texas, also in Library Science.  And, I also have a teaching certificate and post-graduate work in education from the University of Texas at Dallas.
4.  Where do you work?--I work at Wade College in Dallas, and I am the Director of Library Operations/Registrar.  I've worked at Wade since 1987!
5.  What kind of car do you drive?--A steel-grey Honda CR-V.  Hondas are my favorite cars--so durable!
6.  What is your favorite food?--Tex Mex, without a doubt.  Nothing even comes close.  I think I could eat it everyday.
7.  What is your favorite thing to do?--Reading, first and foremost.  A distant second and third would be shopping and sleeping. 
8.  What is your biggest pet peeve?--It's a tie between people with poor grammar and rude people.
9.  What is your favorite thing to do on your day off?--I love to shop for antiques and go out to lunch or dinner (maybe both).
10.  What do you hate doing?--Going to the doctor, standing in lines, cleaning.  My mom loved to clean; me...not so much!
11.  Where will your next vacation be?--My next vacation will be to visit my friend Martha in Seattle.  And then, next year...a biggie.  I'm planning to go to Australia!  Eventually, I want to go somewhere I can see the Northern Lights in person.
12.  Where is your favorite place to have visited?--In the US, I really liked Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and also Williamsburg, Virginia.  Outside of the US, I loved Switzerland.  It was hands-down, the prettiest place I've ever been.
13.  What is your favorite book?--A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  I just love this book; it's insanely detailed, and the pre-WWI period that it captures is so interesting.
14.  What other kinds of books do you like to read?--Mostly fantasy books, like The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series.  I'll also admit to a liking for the relatively new genre, paranormal romance.

15.  what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?--Chocolate all the way, baby!

16.  If you weren't doing what you do now, what would you do?--I think I'd be a "picker"--you know, one of those people who go around looking for special items, either for their own store or for clients.  I think that would be a great job, if not necessarily a high-paying one.

17.  Who is your favorite celebrity?--It's actually a toss-up between Orlando Bloom and Hugh Jackman.  Orlando is just as cute as can be (well, he's more handsome now that he's older), and Hugh, well, just look at the man.  What's not to like about either of them?

18.  What is your favorite color?--To wear:  black, most definitely black.  It goes with everything.  I also like red.  To decorate with:  red, green, and yellow (right now).  My least favorite color right now is blue.  I don't like blue in houses, and I don't own one piece of blue clothing!

19.  Where would you live and what would you drive if money were no object:?--Ah, a black Ferrari, of course.  The F12berlinetta would be nice, but I wouldn't turn down a vintage 500 Barchetta Pininfarina either.  Although I love Dallas dearly, I think I would live somewhere with a more temperate climate.  I don't know where that would be, though.  It would have to be a big city for sure.  London might be a winner! 

20.  Who would you have at your imaginary dinner party (aside from relatives)?--Jesus, DaVinci, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Moses, Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Edison, Cleopatra, Tom Landry, Johnny Depp, and Walt Disney.  That would be quite a dinner party, wouldn't it?