Friday, June 15, 2012

My day off

Here's my day: 

Messy den, puffy feet, and Spongebob on television

On my way to lunch

Lunch at Matt's Rancho Martinez.  Love the "Lite Dinner"--hate that they spell it "lite"

Stop at Office Depot

Quick stop at Sonic for my favorite beverage

Back in the car on my way home to clean up the messy den!

The only thing I left out was my trip to the bank to change the last of mom's bank account into my name.  Whereas Well's Fargo was almost too easy, this bank made me feel like I was trying to steal the money in the account.  I pointed out that if they couldn't help me, I'd just write a check and drain the account--since I have check-writing privileges--and take my money elsewhere.  They got it fixed  after that!  Stupid banks!