Saturday, November 03, 2012

The "Tearing Up Texas" Antique Adventure

After leaving all three furry creatures at the "dog spa" last week, my friend Martha and I headed out for our Tearing Up Texas Antique Adventure.  I must admit I am no longer a seasoned traveler, although Martha, having travelled extensively for business, is much better than I.  However, neither of us seemed to have our travelling hats on at first.  Before we could even get out of town, I had to go to the bank--twice.  We had to go twice because the first time I forgot my safe deposit box key.  Then my car decided it was just the right time to inform me that I only had 10% oil life left--so it was on to the quickie lube place to get the oil changed.  Once we were--finally--on the road, about an hour into the trip, Martha looked down and said, "Oh my gosh!  I forgot my shoes!"  She was wearing flip-flops, but left her good shoes at my house.  She decided that flip-flops were good enough, so on we went. 

Some "unusual" art in Waxahachie (I think this was made with colored glue)!
Over the course of the next five days, we visited Waxahachie, Salado, Georgetown, Fredericksburg, Boerne, Gruene, Waco, and McKinney.  Between the two of us, my car was filled to the brim with treasures!  Waxahachie, Fredericksbury, and McKinney seemed to be the best places for antiques; Salado didn't really have any antique stores that we could see, so we just made a quick pass-by.  Waco disappointed because--being the good Baptist-university-having town that it is--nothing was open on Sunday. 

Cute way to reuse old, odd gloves
Rough and Ready Antiques in Georgetown

Martha in Georgetown

Typical Hill Country/German architecture

One of our favorite antique malls in Fredericksburg

Beautiful old Hill Country house overgrown with flowers and vines

"The haul" (this stuff belonged to both of us, not just me)
Poor Martha had to figure out how to pack all of her goodies for the flight back to the great Northwest.  She did a bang-up job, though, and on Saturday, we lugged (and rolled) her boxes and bags through the airport.  Southwest allows passengers to check boxes just like they were bags, so she was good to go.  We said a teary goodbye in the lobby (well, I was teary--Martha is more stout-hearted than I) and she was off to Seattle. 

What an amazing time we had!   

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  1. you are one amazing woman - what a fun time - I wish I could write like you! hugs


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