Saturday, March 09, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Daddy's last Dallas County Medical Society photo
Today would have been my father's 85th birthday.  I wrote about his story last year in this post, so I won't re-tell the story.  I thought, however, I would share a few small things I remember about him--things that made him, well, him.

1.  Daddy did not like to go barefooted.  I never saw him without shoes, or, at the very least, socks on his feet.  I think he was this way because he often didn't have shoes growing up.
2.  He could not swim, and was afraid of water. 
3.  He cared nothing about sports of any kind, and only watched the Cowboys in order to have something to talk about in the doctor's lounge on Monday mornings.
4.  Daddy loved to shop as much as any woman ever did!
5.  He occasionally played guitar in a band with his brother Wayne. 
6.  He was a self-taught musician who could not read music. 
7.  He was kind of afraid of big dogs.
8.  While in college and medical school, he worked as a mechanic.  Later, he loved to tinker with his RV, although he didn't generally work on cars.
9.  He never, ever forgot a birthday or an anniversary--and never failed to give wonderful presents!
10.  In one year, he spent more on clothes than I will in a lifetime.  He was quite the clothes horse.  Again, I imagine it was because he didn't have many clothes growing up.
11.  Daddy had a terrible temper!
12.  He loved to read--mostly westerns, but he would read anything.
13.  Daddy developed diabetes a couple of years before he died.  He was always dieting, even though he wasn't heavy.
14.  He was an accomplished wood carver.  He took lessons several times, but had natural artistic talent!
15.  He was hopelessly in love with my mother! 

A 1970s church picture (the only church picture we ever had made)

My dad, me, and my grandfather on our Alaskan cruise in 1978
My dad, mom, and me at my wedding in 1988


  1. What a lovely tribute to you father. Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories. You've allowed a beautiful glimpse of person who is clearly very special.

  3. Happy birthday to your dad! I'm sure he's celebrating with you in spirit!


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