Saturday, May 19, 2012

People watching--what a trip!

People-watching has to be the best past time ever!  I took a little break from the pathos of trying to sort through stuff, and I went to Northpark Mall to indulge in a little retail therapy.  Almost better than the shopping is watching the people who are doing the shopping. 

Have you ever seen the website People of Walmart?  The pictures of poorly-dressed people at Walmart don't surprise me--nothing against Walmart, but c'mon, it's a discount store.  Northpark is probably one of the chic-est malls in America, so you would think that you would see correspondingly chic people.  And, sometimes you do.  Sometimes, however, you don't!

This stuff just can't make itself up!  I actually saw a woman wearing curlers in her hair.  There was also a mortified-looking girl wearing what looked like a bad 70s prom dress.  Everywhere I looked there were girls dressed too old for their actual ages, and women dressed too young for theirs. I saw more than my fair share of women who looked like they had just fled the gym, including one who was wearing tennis clothes. 

And then there are the trends, that while "fashionable" I just don't get.  I think my age my be showing.  Floor length dresses for example, saw at least three of those, one on a woman way too old.  The no-pants look was evident, as was the hooker look.  Is it just me, or do about half the clothes and shoes in the stores look like something hookers would wear?  All I know, is that if I had a daughter, no way would she be wearing those clothes.

Thanks People of Northpark Mall for a very entertaining afternoon!