Tuesday, January 08, 2013

365 photography project

Any photography aficionados out there?
Some of my Internet acquaintances and I are doing a 365 photography project.  This is a project where participants take a photo each day for an entire year.  One of my friend's projects features a photograph of a red object each day; other people do random pictures.  My project, however, features photos of one object over an entire year! 
Other than my dogs, some of my favorite things to photograph are toys.  Don't ask me why--I don't know.  For one thing, they're easier to photograph than my dogs because they hold still!  I ended up choosing one of my teddy bears to photograph. 

Follow my progress through my Flickr photostream.  And, if you see me taking photos of a teddy bear--well, now you know why! 

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  1. cute pics of plaid but photogenic as he is, the captions make them


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