Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting ready for guests!

Next week, I will be playing host to my cousin, Kris.  She makes the trek to Dallas about once a year, assuming there are no family emergencies.  I am so proud and happy that she leaves her comfort zone of Oklahoma to come visit me.
I'm kind of a terrible host, though.  I never have food in the house, and try as I might, I'm usually struggling to get the house just clean enough not to be embarassed, let alone grocery shop!  When I visit her, her house is always clean and smells so good, and she has a pantry and refrigerator full of food. 
This year it's going to be different!  I have already been preparing for her arrival by starting to clean.  And my schedule will actually allow me to grocery shop as well!  Yep, I'm all about being prepared this time.  Not only that, she's going to be so surprised when she sees how different the house is from the last time she came! 
Doing the excited, happy dance!
And, as a bonus, my bestie Martha is coming the week after that.  I am very excited and happy to see her; however, I am not excited about why she's coming.  The doctor's keep finding (more)abnormalities in my blood tests, so I have to go in for some tests.  She's coming to provide moral support.  And probably because I cried on the phone!  She's amazing to fly all the way from Seattle to Dallas at the drop of a hat. 
I'm trying not to be too scared about the tests, and just keep thinking about how happy I'll be having my two closest friends and relatives coming to visit!  I'm sure there will be pictures!!


  1. I am glad and so thank full to the lord that you surrounded with kind loving people.Pls forgive us for not well behave. Hope some day I have the gut to drive in highway and go check on you as much as i wanted.Thank you Kris and Martha..may God bless you all.

  2. I'm sure they are coming to see you not your house. Blame the dust on the dog moulting... Get well soon. Woof!

  3. Hope you enjoyed the visits! When do we get to see pictures? And I hope the tests went okay. It is so stressful being called back for more tests, I know :(


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