Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What are your treasures worth?

I frequently browse both Ebay and Etsy for three reasons--1) to see what cool things people have for sale; 2) to see just how much they're charging for said cool things; and, 3) to see how much people are charging for stuff I have and use all the time!

For those of you who remember my Cleanup in the spice aisle post, you'll recognize the jars above as vintage McCormick spice jars.  Who knew that four of them were worth $15 on Etsy?  Guess I should go dig some of those puppies out of the "bin of random jars I've saved" and sell them, huh?

Or how about this set of restaurantware (china that was used in restaurants--heavy-duty, break-resistant, vitrified china)?  I have--literally--cabinets full of this stuff.  I never paid more than $15 per piece, and that was for the largest platters that I have.  This set is $115, also on Etsy.


Or these two cute little containers: 


I have ones just like them.  $37 on Etsy.  Someone else is selling the strawberry alone for $22.  That strawberry is particularly popular right now.  I saw at least three of them for sale. 

And this brown pitcher?  Yep, got that too!

My favorite find from this evening's browsing, though, is this:  an ice bucket (which I also happen to have somewhere)--advertised as a compost bin!  Oh, lord have mercy!  At least it was only $9.99.

What cool stuff have you found recently?  Have you found anything for sale that you use all the time? 

(please note that the images above are not my own and are from the Etsy listings)

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  1. I am off to my warehouse to prep our sale for this week. Will be looking for the hammered pieces (if they are still there)!!!


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