Saturday, November 23, 2013

A little Sitka love

Poor Sitka doesn't get much attention, picture-wise, on this blog.  That's only because she's camera shy; in contrast, Juneau's a camera hog.  But tonight, I actually got a good picture of her!

Isn't she a pretty girl?  She's already got her snow nose* ready for any potential bad weather tomorrow and Monday.
*for those of you who don't own snow dogs, a "snow nose" is a (most often) temporary loss of pigment in the center of the nose. A pink to brown light stripe appears in the center of the nose, with the edges remaining black. The nose returns to full black color during the longer daylight months. Once thought to be a winter-only condition, dogs in warmer southern climates have also been reported to have snow nose, also called winter nose. As dogs age, the snow nose may stay around all year long.  From:

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