Monday, December 02, 2013

The ghost has been at it again

Last night my ghost stole the end of my shower curtain rod.  I've had trouble getting curtain rods to stay up in my shower ever since I moved back into this house.  Last night, I gave up and got a new rod, since the other one was in the bottom of the bathtub...again!  To make getting the shower curtain off the old rod easy, I just unscrewed the end.  I laid it down along with old rod, then I put up the new one. 
I got in the shower (to actually shower) and when I got out, the end of the rod was gone.  I looked everywhere--and it just vanished. 
My ghost probably put it with the picture of my dad that still hasn't turned up.


  1. I think I may be sharing your ghost. I keep missing things. But, it could be my "Mommy brain" again, too!

  2. call california psychic..they will able to help you find out who is he/she.

  3. We have a ghost too! I wish them ghosts would quit playing those games with us!


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